What Is Red Poly ?

Polygon (or Poly in short) is one of the basics levels of selection when manipulating a 3D object , usually when a polygon is selected in a 3d software it’s being highlighted red , hence Red Poly.

Red Poly offers all sorts of visual solutions: 3D visualizations, 3D Animation, VFX ,3D Scans,Website design, Graphics design, Editing and compositing services, Match moving and so on.

  • 3D CG

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    Still images created with 3Ds Max,Maya,zbrush,vray,and more

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  • VFX

    Simulation Particles & More

    Created with various tools such as : Krakatoa,RealFlow,Frost,Rayfire and more

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  • Pen/Pencil

    Good old sketches

    pen and paper ,and sometimes pencil.thats it

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  • visualisation

    Interior & Exterior arch vis

    Red Poly got a decade of experience in this field and can incorporation visualisations in video ,animation iPad integration and more.

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Shortly about me

Captured into the world of creation since 2002 and fascinated by all aspects of 3d creation such as Animation, modeling, lighting ,rendering, VFX, and basically anything that involves 3d insures your visual need will come to life on screen.
Main tools are: 3D Max (Mental Ray and Vray), Maya, Zbrush, Photoshop, After Effects ,PFtrack , MotionBuilder and Softimage Other tools: Realflow ,FaceRobor, Adobe Premier, Flash (Action script 2.0),Quidam, MVN Studio,Rayfire, Ncloth , SimCloth and more
Combining experience with technical knowledge and an eye for detail.


2006 – Present day: working as a Lead 3D artist and head of R&D in Animated Storyboards, Israel.
2004 – 2006 Freelance 3d artist, designer and internet web pages builder
2007-2003 – Student at “Camera Obscure” and “Bezalel Academy”

Latest Works